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and it takes too long to get numb.

Dental injections hurt too much

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Our goal is to create a solution that works right away, saving valuable time for dentists and reducing injection pain to provide a better patient experience.
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Patients Would Pay More for Less Painful Anesthetic Procedures

More than seven out of 10 patients said they would pay extra if their dentist used a faster, less painful local anesthetic, according to a survey by pharmaceutical company Balanced Pharma, with more than half saying they would pay at least 10% more for the procedure…

Patients willing to pay for better injections. The majority of dental patients want a faster, less painful local anesthetic. Chart showing results.

We believe dental anesthetics should not cause pain when injected and be simple and easy to use.​

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Our focus: A better patient experience, a competitive advantage for dentists

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Versus current anesthetics

Our focus is on developing dental anesthetics intended to work faster and hurt less than non-buffered anesthetics for:

Versus mixing systems

Our focus is on developing a dental anesthetic, designed to be provided in a standard dental cartridge that would not require any new equipment or change in protocol:

By the Numbers

The following are current and projected figures in selected Western markets:

800 M

Current dental anesthetic units sold per year

$2.5 B

Total addressable market

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