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OUR MISSIONMake dental injections less painful,
faster-acting, and more reliable
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Make dental injections less painful, faster-acting, and more reliable


Make dental injections less painful, faster-acting, and more reliable

Each Year, Patients Suffer Nearly 2 Billion Dental Injections

These injections are stressful for both patients and dentists, and for good reason:

  • The acid preservative in local anesthetic drugs causes pain during injection and a delayed anesthetic effect.
  • For dentists, this means uncomfortable patients, wasted time, and wasted money.
Dentists report that current dental injections have a 20% average failure rate2
58% of patients believe the injection is the worst part of the dental experience3
90% of dentists want an improved dental anesthetic4

Both patients and dentists want a better anesthetic.


Current News and Features

Dr. Howard S. Glazer Joins Balanced Pharma

Featured in Inside Dentistry

March 12, 2024
Leading dental educator predicts huge impact for patients, providers. Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD has joined Balanced Pharma’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Glazer, an award-winning, leading voice in dental education...

Revolutionizing Dental Injections: The Balanced Pharma Story

Featured in Dr. Bicuspid

March 4, 2024
In the world of dentistry, innovations that improve patient comfort and treatment efficiency are always welcome. One such innovation is poised to make waves in the industry in the near future...

Balanced Pharma Expands Patent Portfolio for Less Painful Dental Anesthetic

Featured in Inside Dentistry

December 21, 2023
Dentist-founded company receives additional U.S. patent for its dental cartridge technology...

New Patent: Less Pain, Less Wait at Dentist Office?

Featured in Dentistry Today

May 26, 2023
Balanced Pharma Expands Patent Portfolio, Fills Need for Less Painful, Fast-Acting, More Reliable Dental Injections...

Balanced Pharma Announces the First 50 Members of its Clinical Advisory Board

Balanced Pharma's Clinical Advisory Board includes practicing clinicians across multiple specialties that use local anesthetic, including dentistry, dermatology, interventional radiology, plastic surgery, and emergency medicine.

Mamta Patel
Marcus Johnson
Wenhong Peng
Elaine Vowell
Gildo Corradi
Nawaf Aslam-Pervez
Ethan Chase
Traci McCormick
Pedram Mastour
Raymond Jone
Nancy Dulin
Fransiskus Andrianto Tjiptowidjojo

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