The worldwide leader in pH-balanced local anesthetics
The worldwide leader in pH-balanced local anesthetics
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Libracaine works right away, saving valuable time for dentists, and reduces injection pain to provide a better patient experience.

Featured in Dentistry Today: More Patients Would Pay More for Less Painful Anesthetic Procedures

More than seven out of 10 patients said they would pay extra if their dentist used a faster, less painful local anesthetic, according to a survey by pharmaceutical company Balanced pHarma, with more than half saying they would pay at least 10% more for the procedure…

Patients willing to pay for better injections. The majority of dental patients want a faster, less painful local anesthetic. Chart results showing approx. 70% for themselves, approx. 90% for a child/loved one.
Works 7 times faster

Libracaine works fast, so the dentist can stay with the patient

No acid sting

Libracaine is pH balanced, which completely eliminates the pain caused by the acidity of standard anesthetics

Reasonably priced

Libracaine is reasonably priced, as a total replacement for the current anesthetics

Works with existing equipment

Libracaine is provided in a standard dental cartridge, and requires no additional equipment or training

A better patient experience

A competitive advantage for dentists

Libracaine vs. non-buffered anesthetics

Libracaine works faster and hurts less than the current non-buffered anesthetics. This results in:

  • Increased productivity
  • A better patient experience

Libracaine vs. mixing systems

Libracaine is provided in a standard dental cartridge, and does not require any new equipment or change in protocol. This results in:

  • No new equipment = no upfront costs
  • No mixing required = easier to use
  • Much lower cost per dose = better ROI
  • No chance of mixing errors = increased safety and reliability

Enjoying the benefits of Libracaine is as simple as ordering a box from your local rep or online dealer, and offering your patients a faster, less painful, and safer dental experience on day one.

Libracaine: By the Numbers

Libracaine provides a competitive, reasonably priced solution in dental anesthetics. The following are current and projected figures, associated with the introduction of Libracaine:

0.6 B
current dental anesthetic units sold per year
$0.8 B
total addressable market
$0 K
annual productivity increase per dentist
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Balanced is better

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