The worldwide leader in pH-balanced local anesthetics
The worldwide leader in pH-balanced local anesthetics

Meeting a Medical Need

“I love doctors, and hate their medicine.” – Walt Whitman

The Problem

Dental injections hurt, and it takes too long to get numb

A dental anesthetic should have the following attributes:

  • Not cause pain when injected
  • Take effect immediately
  • Be simple and easy to use
  • Be reasonably priced
Young female dentist giving anesthesia to the patient before dental surgery. The patient in fear holds hands over mouth.

None of the existing products on the market meet more than half of these FUNDAMENTAL customer needs

portrait of professional medical team and young patient during dental checkup

The Solution

Libracaine pH-balanced anesthetic

Libracaine meets all of the fundamental customer needs outlined above.

Because Libracaine is pH-balanced:

  • It doesn’t cause pain when injected
  • It works 7 times faster

Cost-effective and easy to administer

Because Libracaine is supplied in standard dental cartridges:

  • It requires no new equipment or training
  • It is reasonably priced
female dentist getting the anesthesia ready before surgery

Libracaine: By the Numbers

Libracaine provides a competitive, reasonably priced solution in dental anesthetics. The following are current and projected figures, associated with the introduction of Libracaine:

0.6 B
current dental anesthetic units sold per year
$0.8 B
total addressable market
$0 K
annual productivity increase per dentist
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Balanced is better

Discover pH-balanced Libracaine