Revolutionizing medical and dental injections for a better patient experience

Meeting a Medical Need

“I love doctors, and hate their medicine.” – Walt Whitman

The Problem

Dental injections hurt, and it takes too long to get numb

A dental anesthetic should have the following attributes:

Young female dentist giving anesthesia to the patient before dental surgery. The patient in fear holds hands over mouth.

None of the existing products on the market meet more than half of these FUNDAMENTAL customer needs

dentist with young patient and female dental assistant smiling

The Solution

A dental anesthetic designed to meet all fundamental customer needs

We are currently developing a new dental anesthetic designed to meet all of the fundamental customer needs outlined above and to:

Designed to be cost-effective and easy to administer

We are currently developing technologies designed to supply the new anesthetic solution in standard dental cartridges so that it:

Female dentist preparing anesthetic injection for patient

By the Numbers

The following are current and projected figures in selected Western markets:

800 M

Current dental anesthetic units sold per year

$2.5 B

Total addressable market

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