Meeting a Medical Need

“I love doctors, and hate their medicine.” – Walt Whitman

female patient, painful dental injection example

Each Year, Patients Suffer Nearly 2 Billion Dental Injections

These injections are stressful for both patients and dentists, and for good reason:

  • The acid preservative in local anesthetic drugs causes pain during injection and a delayed anesthetic effect.
  • Local anesthetic pH can be 25,000 times more acidic than human tissue.
  • For dentists, this means uncomfortable patients, wasted time, and wasted money.
dentist with young patient and female dental assistant smiling

The Solution

A dental anesthetic designed to meet all fundamental customer needs

We are currently developing a new dental anesthetic designed to meet all of the fundamental customer needs outlined above and to:

Designed to be cost-effective and easy to administer

We are currently developing technologies designed to supply the new anesthetic solution in standard dental cartridges so that it:

Female dentist preparing anesthetic injection for patient

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