Our Story

"Every patient deserves the least painful injection possible."

- Scott Keadle, DDS | CEO, Balanced Pharma

A Need for Less Painful, Faster-Acting Dental Injections

Dr. Scott Keadle, a dentist for over 30 years, experienced firsthand the limitations of current dental anesthetic drugs and their inability to provide a fast-acting, reliable, and painless injection.

He wanted a better anesthetic for his patients: 

Our Mission: Deliver Better Anesthetics for Patients and Providers

Dr. Keadle invented patented technology to enable pH-balanced versions of the most common local anesthetics, using a standard syringe and protocol.  He then presented the opportunity to a group of dentists who invested over $2 million to help found Balanced Pharma Incorporated (BPI).

Now, he leads a team of industry experts who are well-poised to bring the first-ever pH-balanced dental anesthetic* to market.

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